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Sony is committed to helping educational establishments teach their students the professional production skills that they will need today and in the future.

We offer an exclusive education discount on the following professional products through participating Sony Professional Solutions Specialists. The discount will be applied by participating Sony Professional Solutions Specialists direct on invoice when procuring the eligible products.

Model Discount to be applied By Participating Dealers
HXR-NX100 200
HXR-NX5R 300
PXW-X70 300
PXW-X160 400
PXW-X180 400
PXW-X200 600
PXW-X320 800
PXW-Z150 300
PXW-FS5 400
PXW-FS5K 400
SRG-360SHE 300
BRC-H800 800
BRC-H900 800
HXC-FB80HN 800
HXC-FB80KN 800
HXC-FB80HL 800
HXC-FB80KL 800
Model Discount to be applied By Participating Dealers
PXW-FS7 500
PXW-FS7M2 500
PXW-FS7M2K 500
PMW-F5 1000
PMW-F55 1500
PXW-X400 1000
PXW-X400KF 1000
PXW-X400KC 1000
BRC-X1000 800
HXC-P70 800
AWS-750 800
MCX-500 400
PXW-Z90 300
HXR-NX80 300
PXW-X70/4K 300

Exchange Rates

* Exchange rates effective from 01/12/2016 to 30/06/2018 and subject to change without notice

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participating Sony certified Sony Professional Solutions Specialists ("Dealers") are operating a promotion whereby state recognised public or private university/colleges/schools providing full-time study , ("Eligible End Users") will receive a minimum discount as shown in table above (based on the Dealer's standard published price for the Sony Products) when purchasing a Sony eligible product ("Sony Products ") from a participating Dealer.
  2. In order to qualify for this promotion the end-customer must be a state recognised public or private university/colleges/schools providing full-time study and must provide relevant details of such status to the Dealer who will verify if the end-customer meets the Eligible End-User criteria and confirm to the end-customer. This promotion is only operated by participating Sony Professional Solutions Specialists (SPSS) “Dealers” in the EEA, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia , Montenegro, Moldova, Switzerland, Israel and Turkey.
  3. All sales of Sony Products will be made subject to the participating Dealer's terms of supply. All Dealers are under no obligation to Sony in respect of the price at which they sell the Sony products. As Dealers are free to set their own prices the prices for Sony Products will vary between Dealers. Eligible End Users should therefore contact Dealers for full information as to:
    1. The terms of sale
    2. Whether the Dealer is participating in this promotion
    3. The prices and discounts offered by the Dealer.
  4. The Dealer is responsible for ensuring that all relevant consents are obtained from Eligible End –Users in respect of the their personal data, to allow personal data to be held, passed and processed under the operation of Sony’s Prime Support registration process and for use by Sony in the administration of this promotion and to inform Eligible End-Users of future products and offers.
  5. The Promoter reserves the right to change the terms of the Promotion, or to terminate the Promotion at any time and without prior notice.
  6. The offer is limited to the above models only.
  7. This offer is subject to availability